Our Beliefs

The knowledge economy requires continuous Human Capital development at an unprecedented scale. We believe that education is the key to Human Capital transformation. Kaizen Private Equity invests in:

  • education companies that can deliver critical outcomes at scale using innovative business models.

  • companies that disrupt the education status quo either with new technologies or through unique, technology-enabled services.


Kaizen Team

Investment team

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  • Akhil
  • sayan ghosh
  • Christi
  • Sakshi
  • sayan ghosh
  • Ishan Patel
  • indrayan
  • khushali

Operations and Advisory Team

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Creating Value

  • As a stage-agnostic PE fund we have the ability to take companies all the way from startup to IPO
  • We accelerate growth through access to our global network of large education companies, institutes, focused investors, and thought leaders
  • We help shape strategy and drive business development through our core team's extensive experience in building global, education enterprises
  • We use our extensive network to access top, global talent to round out teams for each stage of growth
  • As disciplined investors, we ensure that our companies function within a well-defined framework of financial planning and internal controls

Kaizen Investor Presentation


KIES 2020

Kaizen & INSEAD Education
Symposium 2020

Kaizen & INSEAD Education
Symposium 2018

Kaizen & INSEAD & NYU Stern Education Symposium 2016


Kaizen Education Report

Kaizen Education Report
(South Asia)

Kaizen Education Report
(South East Asia)

IFC Education Investment

Kaizen & INSEAD EdTech in India

KINSES2016 Resources

Transforming Education in the Digital
Age: Global Trends; Local Challenges by Dr Jorg Drager (Bertelsmann)

BrainWaves by Michael Moe
(GSV Advisors)

How Finance Enables Education
by V S Rangan (HDFC)


The Role of Education Technology
in Emerging Markets by Amit Garga (Parthenon)

Conference Videos

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KIES 2018 Resources

Opportunity EduFinance
Sustainable Education Quality Programs by Nathan J Byrd (Opportunity International)

Educating the Algorithm
by Dr. Jorg Drager (Bertelsmann)

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Conference Videos

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